Jason Woodham holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Health Education from Troy University and resides in the southeastern part of Alabama where he works as a writer, a strength and conditioning coach, and a personal trainer. He is an avid reader, writer, and outdoorsman who enjoys many different sports.

    Please take time to visit: www.whatwarriorswillstand.com.  It is dedicated to Jason’s first book,What Warriors Will Stand. Upon its publication, Jason received the Outstanding Achievement in Creative Writing from Troy University’s English Department.  Jason was the first undergraduate from Troy University to ever publish a full-length novel.  You can also visit: www.jasonwoodham.com for his personal website and other links.

   Blaze is the first book of the High-Born epic, a four-part sci-fi, action-adventure, love story that takes place in a post-apocalyptic future.  At its core, Blaze is a super-hero origin story that has both mainstream and niche appeal.  Full of adorable children; deep emotion; advanced technology, and remarkable powers, Blaze will burn its way into your dreams and keep you up at night wondering what will happen next.  While full of action, Blaze is appropriate for all ages.

    Many teachers are suggesting that Blaze would be perfect for summer reading lists and to introduce interesting educational concepts. To see some of these testimonials, please view the section of our website entitled “Videos.”